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Professional Betting: 14 Pro Punters Give Their Best Advice

Being a professional sports bettor is simple. You just find an edge, throw your money down, and profit. Simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes incredible control and discipline. Most pro bettors you meet won’t be wheelin’ and dealin’ nomads living life on the edge. Bankroll management, cool temperament, diligent analysis; these are […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 19.09.2020

Betting Stake Strategy: Level Vs Proportional Staking (With Calculator)

It doesn’t matter how good you are, how good your algorithm is, or how bulletproof you think your system is; If you screw up your betting stake strategy, you’re in trouble. Bankroll management and your staking strategy aren’t just boring logistics. The difference in your risk, maximum drawdown, and profit potential can be gobsmacking when […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 12.09.2020

Finding The Best Tipsters (A Sceptics Guide)

Meet every tipster with maximum scepticism and you might just be able to find a good one. We’ve all been tempted to join that football tipster with ‘insider knowledge’ and a 50% ROI – quit your job, live on a yacht, and just watch your bankroll explode. And, we’ve all thought better of it. (Hopefully) […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 05.09.2020

Level Or Percentage Staking, Risk/Reward

Summary About Level Or Percentage Staking The blog article “A comparison of level and percentage staking” written by Joseph Buchdahl (@12Xpert) shows the importance of choosing a staking strategy and its infuence on the profit, yield and probability of not making profit, after Monte Carlo simulations of 1000 bets. This article is very interesting and […]

Miguel Figueres Moreno 28.07.2020

Closed Doors Matches – Does The Lockdown Affect Sports Betting?

The lockdown has had an impact on every part of our day to day lives, Sport and Sports Betting are no exception. So how does it affect the sports themselves, our betting habits, and the bookmakers’ reactions? We all know about the home ground advantage. It affects odds and it affects our betting and probabilities […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 24.07.2020

6 Ways To Beat Bookmaker Betting Limits

You’ve finally got the perfect betting system, your yield is consistent, the odds are readily available and you are building that bankroll! All smooth sailing… Then BOOM You get whacked with a betting restriction by your bookmaker or even worse, a complete ban! So now what? Let’s check out our options… Summary My Bookmaker has […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 24.07.2020

The Value Betting System – Simply Profitable

Making consistent money betting is not rocket science, in fact, the methodology behind it is incredibly simple. Value Betting. In this article, I will show you the simple but effective method of Value Betting, how it works, why it works and how to implement a Value Betting System! Summary What Are Value Bets? Value Bets […]

Jake Windram-Ashby 14.07.2020

P-Value and Expected Maximum Drawdown Calculator

Summary In this entry you can find an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the values of: P-Value: The probability of a sports betting yield being a result of luck Expected Maximum Drawdown: The average drawdown of a series of bets P-Value and Expected Maximum Drawdown Calculator PVALUE_EMDD_BANKROLL.xlsm (update 8/7/20) P-Value The p-value calculated in the PVALUE_EMDD_BANKROLL.xlsm […]

Miguel Figueres Moreno 26.03.2020